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In Chapter 4, Terry outlines the cycle of sexual offending. This is an important factor in understanding how an offender’s deviant sexual behavior develops and can move into acting out. Determining an individual’s offense cycle is a critical component of sex offender treatment, and sex offenders are generally required to write about their specific cycle in order to later develop a relapse prevention plan (so obviously, you will be using the Terry text as a source for the paper – that is acceptable for this assignment – but be sure to cite this as a source).

After reviewing Chapter 4 on the cycle of offending, view the attached video link on Robert Christian Hansen (Bob), who raped and murdered at least 15 women in the Alaskan wilderness between 1980 and 1983 (don’t confuse him with Robert Hanssen, former FBI agent convicted of espionage but also into some interesting aberrant sexual practices…).
For this paper, students must identify Bob Hansen’s offense cycle, including cognitive distortions, how he groomed his victims, planned his offenses, the role of fantasy, his justifications, etc.

However, I’m more interested in your ability to convey an understanding of the actual phases of the offense cycle rather than specific details of the case. (I don’t need an extensive review of the case – I’ve seen the video, too). Explaining the stage of the cycle and using Hansen’s behavior as an example would be a good structure for the paper.

Obviously, you will likely have to fill in some blanks with supplemental research. News and biographical sources are acceptable for this paper; however, wiki sources and other non-academic web-only based sources are not acceptable sources (check with me if you are unsure if a possible link is acceptable). The above video, of course, will be used as an outside source. The course text is an acceptable source as well.

Please refer to the course syllabus for more details regarding general expectations for this paper.

Remember that the paper must not only demonstrate your understanding of the offense cycle, but your ability to do research. Refer to the course syllabus for general parameters related to written assignments and suitable sources. For this paper, the course text can be used as a source. Do not forget to cite the video prompt for this paper (it is considered an outside source).

Papers must be ten pages in content. Don’t expect much better than a C if your paper is under 7 pages – it means you haven’t included enough depth to your paper. By ten pages, I mean actual content. Also, please use subheadings (APA format) so I can understand the major themes of your paper. Use a cover page, then start at the top of the next page with your actual content, please.

Students are expected to utilize proper citation formats. If you are unclear on how to cite sources, please procure a copy of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association or check out the APA Style Guide online: . I expect to see in-text citations consistently throughout the paper in addition to the reference page at the end (with all of the necessary info included, not just a web link). Papers that do not use proper source attribution (in-text citations, complete reference page) will receive the grade of ZERO.


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