The Pillow Angel

The Pillow Angel

Paper details:
Case Study Instructions
In two to three pages, research the assigned case study and present an ethical assessment:
1.) Identify the primary ethical problem, research the incident, and briefly explain what happened,
2.) Analyze the situation: who are the stakeholders, what are the options, and how would each option affect each stakeholder,
3.) Apply the assigned ethical theory,
4.) Make a decision on the best option and why,
5.) Evaluate your position: identify the weaknesses of your argument and explain why your answer is still the best
Cite all of your sources in APA format and include a “Works Cited” page. This page does not count towards the page requirement. You will need at least three sources: One or two on your own (depending on whether the instructor provides you a source) and the textbook to cite the theory you are applying.
Use size twelve Times New Roman, double space, and one inch margins on all four sides. Recognize that the instructor is familiar with all tricks to artificially extend length (larger margins, punctuation larger font size, font type that’s bigger but does not seem it such as Courier) and runs automated checks to keep students honest!
Turn in your paper to the Turn-It-In dropbox on MyCourses. It will be considered on-time as long as it is in the dropbox, so in the event of a dog ate your printer and/or explosions you will be covered.
You will be graded subjectively based on the fulfillment of the instructions and the rubric. Minor points will be subtracted for format, citation, spelling, and grammar issues.

Must Cite :

Ethics Applied. (2013). Pearson Learning Solutions.

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