The Politics of Gender and Race in Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys

Task is to write a research paper 6 pages MLA plus works cited, which is to analyze the Text of Wide Sargasso Sea. Must have a thesis (underlined or highlighted). No plot summary needed, paper must be a critical analysis/commentary, must mention contributing techniques, to included 3 sources and cite them and integrate them in the paper, along with some quotes from the novel Wide Sargasso Sea that prove the point of the politics of gender and race within, so cite from the novel and integrate into the research paper. Attached is 2 sample papers and the specific requirements for writing the research paper. Along with writing the paper please provide analysis/ commentary on how gender and race integrate to the main characters compared to the time period in which the novel took place. Additionally how does the narrator portray such politics of gender and race through the Main characters point of view when narrating the novel. 
Attached is 2 sample papers to help with writing the paper.
Please use MLA guidelines to write paper and citations. and please use 3 appropriate sources to support the essay and the research integrate them into the paper and cite, must use some quotes from the novel Wide Sargasso Sea to prove and explain the politics of gender and race.

Professor’s Comment:the general topic of the politics of gender and race in WSS is fine, but please think about your thesis carefully: i.e., what do you want to say about these issues? what is your analytical point? what is the “argument” of your paper? And yes, you should do some limited research about Rhys’ biography, but the majority of your research should focus on journal articles or books/book chapters that deal with issues of race and gender in WSS. If you remember our discussion of Gordimer today, please think about how we discussed the journal article by Michael Neill and what you learned from it about an effective thesis, analytical approach, and textual and research support. Similarly, you can use an article on Rhys as guidance on how to write an effective essay on the topic you mention above.


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