The Predicted Model of Gravitation and the Hierarchy Problem

“Why is gravity such a weak force? It becomes strong for particles only at the Planck scale, around 1019 GeV, much above the electroweak scale (100 GeV, the energy scale dominating physics at low energies). Why are these scales so different from each other? What prevents quantities at the electroweak scale, such as the Higgs boson mass, from getting quantum corrections on the order of the Planck scale? Is the solution supersymmetry, extra dimensions, or just anthropic fine-tuning?” I copy pasted that from wikipedia. I’m going to assume that you’re already familiar with the extended essay, namely, what an extended essay in physics is supposed to be. In the end, this is supposed to be a research paper. Please read all the attached documents, especially the one titled ‘instructions’.

The IB Extended Essay is a research paper submitted by IB students when they hope to graduate with an IB diploma. They keyword here is that it’s supposed to be a research paper. Meaning that there must be some new conclusion brought about, not just a restatement of facts from different sources.

The essay is supposed to be about “The Graviton and the Hierarchy Problem”. Mainly, how does the predicted model of the graviton work within the Hierarchy problem. You need to establish a new model and/or framework based on current theories. Use a LOT of equations and Lagrangian to do so.

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