The purpose of education

Thesis : The significance of education does not only limit to an individual’s personal development but also extends to the individual’s social contributions in return.
Basic Introduction and body paragraphs and conclusion.
Write claims for the thesis and have some readings(quotes) to support the ideas.
Follow the Professor’s instruction: In this paper, you will craft an argument that puts forward a claim, or “I Say,” relevant to the conversations that we’ve been having all term regarding the question, What is the purpose of an education? Instead of just summarizing and synthesizing, you will now be offering and defending a position of your own. You can take any position on these topics that you wish to take; the only matter that might constrain you is whether or not you have sufficient textual sources to explore and defend your claim. A successful paper will address a question or problem that is neither too big nor too small; it will frame that question or problem within the conversation constituted by the course readings; it will present that conversation as a clear “they say”; it will offer a clear claim, or “I say”; it will support that claim with good evidence (primarily from the course readings); and it will accomplish all of this following the principles of good paragraphs and sentences. Note: While the Summary and Synthesis paper contained only a guiding question, this argumentative paper should present a clear and debatable claim, or thesis, that answers your essay “question.” In other words, you should answer your question in the introduction, not just pose it. Be sure that your claim is clear and engaging, and that it answers the question, “So what?” SDCC1: 5 pages;


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