The Risk Assessment and Toxicology Uncertainties of Climate Change

The Risk Assessment and Toxicology Uncertainties of Climate Change

Example journals to use: Environmental Science & Policy,Journal of Environmental Engineering and Ecological Science, Journal of Environmental Sciences, American Journal of Environmental Engineering, Environmental Policy and Law, Science of The Total Environment, Weather Climate Society, Ecological Engineering, and The National Academies Press -Environment and Environmental Studies

The Risk Assessment and Toxicology Uncertainties of Climate Change
Are EPA’s human health risk assessment & ecological risk assessment procedures enough to understand the toxicology uncertainties of Climate Change? Does political and practical factors conflict?
Climate Change is a natural occurring phenomenon. It has been occurring for million of years, presently occurring and for some time will continue to occur. The Climate is a very complex system. The factors influencing it are many and varied. As such, in our effort to mitigate the negative effects of anthropogenic global-warming on climate change, may lead to scenarios of where we unintentionally worsen the scenario  three-fold.

Whether we choose progressive action or not to mitigate the future effects, certain events will force us put to high levels of efforts into into solutions that will alleviate factors that bear negative social-economic impacts on the rest of the world where we haven’t done before. Take for example, agricultural & population centers will have to be re-engineered to accommodate for high demand in resources, services and quality of life. This naturally will create a higher demand for engineering services in those areas. Furthermore, our perceptions and stance on certain issues will be forced to change, such as general acceptance of genetically engineered food.

It is extremely naive to believe that we can live in a pollution free society and still have a high standard of living. In a technological advanced society, there will always be some sort of pollution in some way, sort or form that must be properly dealt with. A system is considered balanced, when the sum of inputs equals the total output. Do we have the authority to purposely alter the processes of climate change, regardless of the current state resulting from anthropogenic means or not? Any attempt to normalize the climate based on our perceptions may exacerbate into unexpected results.

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