The Story of an African Farm by Olive Schreiner



The Story of an African Farm by Olive Schreiner




Lyndall is the conduit for New Woman gender and sexuality so you would want to pay attention to the topic’s respective character.




This is a to-the-point literary and cultural analysis and therefore do not consume space with a lengthy introduction or conclusion. Begin your response right away with your thesis. State what you think the author’s attitude is toward your chosen topic and why that is important given the cultural context. Then jump right into proving this. If writing is a process of discovery in itself for you, then go back and write the thesis at the end (just don’t forget!). It is wise to go back and reread your thesis even if you write it from the start, because writing may have deepened of shifted your ideas in some way and your thesis might need to be slightly revised.


In order to consider the author’s attitude, you’ll want to think about purpose. Is the author critical of the status quo and does s/he pen the novel in order to challenge the norm? To sympathize with it? To support it? Something else? Characters’ fates are a sure way into understanding this commentary. Again, please provide and analyze specific quotes to support your interpretation of the tone.


In order to surmise the implications, consider: Where does the author’s attitude historically place him/her in the cultural debate? Do you see him/her aligned with or working in opposition to any of the writers from the appendices? Why is this relationship significant? As yourself: So what? What larger conclusions or implications can you draw from what you wrote? This would make a fine conclusion.


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