The Study of the prevalence of Islamic banking in the United

Please follow the following instructions and read them carefully:

1- I need a 10 fixed pages of an argumentative research about Islamic banking in the United states.
2- Please use the attached sources and if you want to use additional sources please use credible data basis or google scholar. make sure to use my sources.
3- Please follow my outline respectively.. please follow my introduction and my thesis statement.
– follow my thesis. (answer my thesis in the paper)
– follow the questions in the introduction and try to answer them while writing the paper.
4- follow my outline structure as
– Introduction (already written)
– 1st and 2nd paragraph (try to make a comparison between Islamic and conventional banking) refer to the United states as its traditional banking system.. refer to Saudi Arabia as its Islamic banking system. make sure to mention what are the sources of Islamic products as well as the sources of non-Islamic products.
– Third paragraph try to talk about some Islamic banking innovations products. new Islamic banking products.
– Forth paragraph try to state an argument that there might some people contradict combining the two systems. here try to answer the questions on the introduction.
– Fifth and sixth paragraphs try to state a counterargument. First talk about the United states traditional banking system and how they transfer to the Islamic system. List some examples of Islamic banks in US such as (CITI BANK) .. talk clearly about the benefits of Islamic banking in general and in the United states in healing bankruptcy and poverty by prohibiting interset.. talk about the Muslim population in the united states as well as the demand of Islamic banks.

5- please contain a topic sentense in each paraghraph as well as examples coming after that.. make sure that there is a conclusing sentence after each point.
6- PLEASE make sure you paraphrase from the source.. Please write down the in-text citation and refer to the page number and line so I can know from where did you get it.
7- Please use transitions such as.
Furthermore. hence.. to begin with, as a rule, additionally, however.. an many.

8- try to follow cohesion when you write. don’t throw words only. adopt the topic and talk about it and try to show what did you find about Islamic banking in the US from you research.

*please see my attachments bellow and follow them.
*please use APA CITATION style. refer to it don’t forget to upload any *additional sources besides mine. I prefer to use mine at most.
*use books as a reference if you have.
*Follow my introduction, thesis, outline, answer the questions.


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