The War Prayer by Mark Twain

The War Prayer by Mark Twain

This is a sophomore high school writing level.  The assignment is to read The War Prayer by Mark Twain (short article).  Then answer the following question:  How did the essay address its theme? How was the language used to support the concepts discussed?

The rubric that is used for grading is:  This paper is clearly superior.  The writer developed the topic with an excellent organization, content and insight while displaying facile use of language and mastery of mechanics.
*Developed a good introduction.
*Maintained an appropriate point of view throughout the paper.
*Employed precise, apt, or evocative descriptive vocabulary.
*Did not shift in tense or person
*Organized ideas effectively and provided an introduction, closure and an orderly transition/progression from one idea to another.
*Communicated clearly using appropriate word and style choice for the intended audience and material.
*Varied sentence structure and length.
*Used effectively the conventions of written English-spelling, usage, sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation, has appropriate tone for subject and audience.
*Used at least three examples with specific supporting details plus commentary, expansion, and extrapolation with appropriate citations. Plus a bibliography when appropriate.
*Used at least three of five senses.
*Followed appropriate rules for style and made a good appearance, typed in standard font. Paper has no ragged edges and so forth.

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