Themes In COUNTERTerrorism By Marie Helen Maras

Risky Business

1 How does Dr. Law’s discussion of “the psychology of risk assessment” compare to Maras’ coverage in Chapter 4 (and 5)? How does this compare/contrast with the coverage of counterterrorism efforts and risk assessment in the latter part of the documentary Clear and Present Danger? Which perspective do you think makes the most sense, and why?

Responding to terrorism

2 Dr. Law discusses the way in which terrorists often anticipate and use counterterrorism responses and strategies to their advantage (as did Maras in Chapter 1 of your text). How might this recognition provide governments with insight into formulating effective counterterrorism policies and strategies? Can you think of examples where US responses to terrorism may have been anticipated and used by terrorists?

History of Conflict:

3 Dr. Laws states how “humans are not a naturally peaceful species,” that “lack of conflict, that’s what is unusual” and that “the history of humanity is a history of conflict.” Do you agree or disagree with these statements? Why? Give examples from history to back up your claims.


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