Theory Project Outline

My rational(can be adjusted to sound better): I chose Katherine Kolcaba because of her research over Theory of Comfort. In Katherine Kolcaba work she described comfort in three forms: relief, ease, and transcendence. According to her model, “comfort is an immediate desirable outcome of nursing care”(Petiprin, 2015). Nurses are critical thinkers trying to medically treat the patient but sometimes we forget about one of the biggest needs that will help the patient recover quicker and that is the patient’s comfort level. Katherine Kolcaba describes that when “specific comfort needs of a patient are met, the patient experiences comfort in the sense of relief”(Petiprin, 2015). The comfort theory is a humanistic, holistic theory that is based on the patient’s need.

For my strategies I am going to dig deeper into Katherine Kolcaba’s work, bringing it into the light of my peers so they too can grow


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