Third grade Multiplication

this is the first assignment for my Educational Psychology & Education Psychology; Principles and Applications 
Group Wiki with Video Presentations and Resource List
Each group will develop three behaviorist activities and three constructivist teaching/classroom activities that can be used in the classroom based on your group’s topic and explain the concepts described in the outline below
You will use technology (Internet, education websites, etc.) to research and identify the activities
All of the behaviorist and constructivist activities must address the same content (your group’s topic)
The groups will incorporate a 1 ½-2 minute video presentation of each of the six activities describing and modeling for the class you teaching the the six activities selected. 
Act out teaching the activity
Group members and/or “extras” (friends and family) can pretend to be students in the videos
The group will develop a list of resources (URL links, websites) based on their research and post it on the Wiki
Written Description Posted on Wiki Page (Follow the Template below for EACH activity
Name of Your Group (e.g., Team Social Studies):
Members Names:
The material/task and age group you plan to teach
The age group being taught
Topics presented
A statement of whether the information is declarative, procedural, and/or conditional
Your rationale for whether the material/task needs to be learned to recognition, recall, or automaticity. (If you select automaticity, you must justify this decision.)
Your explanation of where the material/task fits into Bloom’s hierarchy (you can choose more than one level)
Teaching Activities
The behaviorist or constructivist activity you have developed
Integrate into this section an indication of whether any of these activities entails strategy instruction
Describe any materials you will need to obtain or develop.
Statement of how you have integrated the best practices/guidelines we covered in class, including
Distributed practice
Scaffolding of the students’ metacognition
Dual coding
Trying to ensure transfer
Reflection of how you are conveying high expectation to students

Second assignment is for my Dance Elementary, Middle, and Secondary 

Create a one week dance unit plan. The unit should consist of five lesson plans. You will use the same lesson plan format posted on blackboard for all lesson plans. Example a unit could be gymnastics and within that plan you will create 5 (day) lessons on gymnastics- Day 1- Forward Roll, Day 2- Backward Roll, etc…..


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