This is a case study based assessment that will involve the examination of some aspect of HRM in an actual company.

Participants are required to complete a research assessment that combines academic theories, and an actual current, ongoing HR / IR topic relevant to a tourism, hospitality, leisure, event or bar company. This is a case study based assessment that will involve the examination of some aspect of HRM in an actual company. The assessment should combine literature and practice. (Choose a company related to the sector (Hospitality sector), don’t mention the name of the company, focus on the HR department)
This assessment may be completed by groups, of no more than three members, or individually. 
• Introduction – overview of the assessment. (What the assessment is about, short introduction) 
• Outline of relevant literature – general or issue specific. (Any specific topic, better to use from journals) 
• Short overview of research methods. (What was the main objectives of this research , 3-4 lines, how we got the primary data, some description what the individual said)
• Primary data. ( an interview, 5 questions, what you found out about the talent management or change management)
• Analysis. (Compare the literature review + the primary data, using the author name, related to the interview) 
• Conclusion. 
• List of references. (10 References)
• Safe Assign report (first page). 
GUIDELINES: (Please include all the points of the guidelines in the essay)
Assessments should be typed and fully referenced. 
The word-count is 3,000 words, excluding list of references and appendices. Please submit on 6th April 2016 in class. No folders required, just a staple and double sided printing. Late submissions will be penalised. 
For the purposes of your Safe Assign submission, please exclude your table of contents and list of references. Maximum acceptable level of matching is 15%. Material matching another student’s assignment is unacceptable. 

Font Type: Times New Roman 
Font Size: 12 
Line Spacing: 1.5 
Standard margins 
Your assessment should have page numbers. 
Main Body of Assignment:
The main body of the assessment should include the sections outlined in the assignment brief. Headings and subheadings should be used in the main body of the assessment. Any tables that you use in the main body of the assessment should be numbered and labelled. 
Title Page: 
The title page should include your name, student number, programme & title of the assignment. 
If there is something that you wish to include in an appendix, at the end of the assessment, please make sure that you label the appendix and refer to the appendix in the text. 
Table of Contents: 
A table of contents is optional. 
List of references: 
The list of references should follow the Harvard style outlined in the reference handbook, available in the HRM webcourses.


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