Tianjin explosion and Chinese px program

Paper details: THE TOPIC IS Tianjin explosion and Chinese px program.

• The unit outline does say a “sustainability” issue but there is some leeway in looking at an environmental issue that may not necessarily be related to sustainability.
• The case study should be written in formal academic style (essay-style) but you have the flexibility to use headings.
• Word length is between 2,000 and 2,500. There is no 10% rule – just fall somewhere in that ballpark. To find out your word count, highlight from the first word of your first sentence to the last word of your last sentence. The reference list is NOT included, but the in-text references are.
• It will be important that you do have a thesis statement in your introduction. This will be your argument. It should outline the issue and your approach to solving it through a governance strategy drawing on one of the theories e.g:
o “This case study will argue that an ecocentric approach to environmental governance is the most effective strategy in obtaining long-term environmental protection through securing a shift in value that is more conducive of the intrinsic value of nature. This will be argued within the context of overcoming the governance challenges involved in dealing with the issue of deforestation in Tasmania.”
o “This case study will argue for an ecological modernisation approach to climate change governance as it attempts to marry both development and sustainability. It is in this way that ecological modernisation will enable the promotion of investment and innovation in renewable technologies to solve one of the primary causes of climate change, energy production.”
• Select only the key stakeholders. Do not feel as though you need to include at least one from every category of stakeholder that were outlined in the lectures. You will however, need to at least include the government (whether that is local, state, national or international or a combination) as well as at least one environmental stakeholder (the Greens party, an environmental NGO, a community group (e.g. farmers) with environmental values or interests, etc.) The others that you choose to include will depend on your case study.
• You must be specific if your identification of key stakeholders. It is not enough to just say “industry” or “business” you need to identify who these players are exactly. For example, if you were looking at the Adani mining case the “business” stakeholder would be Adani Mining Company and the “industry” stakeholder would be the Queensland Resources Council.
• The unit’s concepts and theories should be used to help explain the perspectives and values of the stakeholders. They should also be drawn upon to inform your approach to overcoming the identified governance challenges. For example, you could look at any of the following or a combination of the following: anthropocentrism, ecocentrism, stewardship, conservationism, progressive politics, liberal conservatism, social democracy, intrinsic values, instrumental values, environmentalism, ecologism, ecological modernisation, command and control regulation, and so on. There are many more you could look at from the unit.
• You must use an author-date referencing system, either APA or Harvard. I have provided the UC Library guides for both styles on the Moodle page. Please note though that I would like you to get into the practice of providing page numbers for all in-text references, not just direct quotes (with the exception of web pages).

We look at the five key groups of stakeholders and how their values and beliefs influence their approach towards governance for the environment:

1. Government;

2. Political parties;

3. Private sector;

4. Environment movement;

5. Communities.

In this lecture we look at the concept of non-state governance of the environment and how groups of stakeholders are able to work individually and collectively towards the goal of environmental sustainability.

The groups of stakeholders:

Private sector
Non-government organisations
Environment movement
Environment professionals

Values and Beliefs in Environmental Governance
Ethics in Environmental Governance
Governance by stakeholders
Political Challenges
Green Economy
Governance by the State


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