To access readings for R2, check Files >> Readings >> R2.

Reading Reflection #2
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To access readings for R2, check Files >> Readings >> R2.

We will talk about the role of sketching in HCI and Design and how it fits into the ideation process. Sketching has multiple purposes, including enhancing verbal communication, providing a record or log book of design ideas, enhancing design thinking, promoting creativity, eliciting reactions from viewers, and helping designers think concretely through problems. We have touched on many of the techniques before; now we’ll devote some time to examining them more closely.

For this reflection, please write a short statement (about 300-500 words) answering the following questions. Base your response firmly on the readings, defending your claims with evidence where appropriate.

As you read, think about the following questions: What role(s) does sketching play in the repertoire of a user-centered designer? What are some important things to remember when sketching for design? What makes a sketch good or bad?


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