To what extent do you agree that tourism protects traditional communities and their local cultures (consider elements such as art, music, dress and architecture).

Please let the structure of essay be like:-
body(argument+counter argument+refutation)

If you can please use these sources:-
Ahmed, Z.U., Krohn, F.B., & Heller, V (1994). International Tourism Ethics as a way to World Understanding. Journal of Tourism Studies, 5(2), 36-44

Mowforth, M., Munt, I., Charlton, C., Dawsonera (2008). Tourism and responsibility: perspectives from Latin America and the Caribbean. Abingdon: Routledge 

Okech, R.(2008). Ecotourism and the economy: case study of Mara and Amboseli in Kenya. Journal of tourism 5, 9-13

Please make most of them internet sources, if possible use only one not internet source.

Please make sure that all the sources are reliable

Feel free to contact at any time


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