TPP-Pacific Trade Partnership and International Business

Final Paper for International Agribusiness course must focus on understanding of international agribusiness and trade issues related to a country, trade agreements, a commodity, food safety and security disputes, trade disagreements, dissertation or related paper topic is acceptable
Length: Twenty pages including tables and Internet tables of research
Presentation: Power Point Slides that summarize your findings in International Agribusiness. Minimum slides 10
Due Date December 4th. No late Papers Accepted-All must be turned in at class. No Internet submissions on case studies, papers etc. All papers will be reviewed for plagiarism and will cause an F in Class and Expulsion from WPC

Business Plan Guidelines Due December 4th must have:
1. Executive Summary
2. Objectives
3. Personnel
4. Product/Service
5. International Market Analysis
• Industry
• Competitors
• Customers
• Suppliers
6. Marketing Strategy
• Who are my customers?
• How to deliver my product/service to my customers?
• Cost analysis
7. Risk Factors and SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) of a Cross Border Business
8. Financial Statement and Proforma
9. Summary

International Business AGB302 Fall 2015 Paper and Presentation

Purpose: Focus and write an Business Finance Related Issue related to a currency, company or a commodity. Additionally, all students must prepare a ten slide Power Point. It is also required to be presented in class to make your logical arguments. The BOARD will be there to focus you. In real life your job may be on the line. Think carefully how to present your ideas verbally as well as in written form.

Length: Twenty pages including tables and Graphs of topics, Business Plans, and Presentation to Board; Up to two persons for 25 pages may work together and present as a team.

Presentation Requirement: 10 Power Point Slides that summarize your findings in International Business

Team Approach: Will allow with permission will also up to two students to work together. Five additional pages necessary. Total 25 pages.


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