Transcription Project

Attached please find the rubric for the transcription project along with a sample for the transcription chart / table you will make in order to organize the atypical examples. Please see page 8 of the course syllabus for a description of the project. In addition, here are a few reminders regarding the project:
– Please omit providing the phonological process or diacritic (C-4) in your table. We have not spent
enough time identifying and describing phonological process disorders for you to be able to recognize
these patterns at this time.
– Please attempt to classify the atypical examples in terms of sound substitutions, omissions, additions,
or distortions (C-5). Chapters 8 and 9 are good resources.
– If you are working in a group, only one project needs to be turned it; however, EACH member of the group needs to write their own reflection (E).
– Please omit Part II of the project; we will not be having class presentations.


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