Transformation Photos & Essay

This is a two-part assignment: Photos (10) and a Reaction Essay.
Students have the capabilities to upload multiple files to this assignment.

1. Review Sam Taylor-Wood video: Still Life by Sam Taylor-Wood, 4 m.
2. Locate and photograph an object, location, or element(s) consistently, over time.
3. Choose ten photographs.
4. Insert images within the attached ppt. template.
5. Convert the file to a pdf–for easy upload.

Important Considerations:
1. Keep lighting consistent and avoid back-lighting.
3. Keep camera angle/perspective consistent.
3. Consider “motion” as a factor.

Essay Requirements:

1. Three pages, double-spaced.
2. Title page with one image.
3. Introduction that includes a thesis statement and three discussion points.
4. Discussion points as section headings.
5. One metaphor.
6. An interesting quotation.
7. Close that restates the thesis statement.
8. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation check.

In the assignment files it says that use 10 photos but I am confused what kind of photos should I use if the picture should be taken will you take the pictures or do you want me to take them? if you want me to take the picture just tell me what kind of picture it should be.
this is really important assignment so please read it carefully.


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