Transition legislation and models

Chapter 2 Transition Legislation and Models

As I mentioned in class, I do not want you to memorize all of the legislation in this chapter. I do want you to have a global or overall picture of the progression of what the legislation was attempting to do and how programs were developed based upon the legislation. It is good to have this overview in the back of you mind so that if you are ever in a position to develop programs you may refer back or search on these types; it could inform your thinking. The other big idea I want you to pull from this chapter developing programs and helping parents with transition has been going on for some time.

Some key points:
Importance of rehabilitation of veterans in our legislation, thinking, and practice; the idea that the country supported this type of intervention for PWD; the notion that those with disabilities who were not veterans benefitted from advances originally targeted to veterans (e. g. recordings for the blind); think about what has happened recently with active military and veterans regarding medical interventions when injured and post injury rehabilitation – trauma centers in regular hospitals have improved their methods based on what was learned on the battlefield; concept of a ‘deserving’ person with a disability; a parallel concept to supporting veterans with disabilities was the GI bill which greatly swelled the numbers of veterans who entered college, a percentage of these likely were individuals with disabilities
Do not underestimate the power of advocacy groups; help each other; pressure legislators; difficult to argue with if you are a legislator; beginnings of disability rights as a civil rights movement (one that did not get much play in the media), this history is pretty interesting and it still continues now
Functional skills versus academic skills; beginnings of the work study model and development of vocational schools for secondary students
Note the class action suit PARC v Commonwealth of PA; …(professor editorial comment: oh Pennsylvania when will you learn)….PA has been embroiled in several of these class action suits over the last 50 years; a class action is when a group of individuals band together and sue a large entity, there is more legal power in a class action than an individual suit
People First and Independent Living Movements
Supported Employment – a game changer
SSI and SSDI – this chapter does not go into this but we will talk about it this term. PWD are often eligible for federal dollars based upon their disabling condition. Social Security Disability Income is the system that supplies these dollars. There are specific rules about how much an individual who receives SSDI can earn from work. If they earn too much, they lose their SSDI. This can deter some PWD from applying for jobs.
Kohler’s Model
Read more closely CURRENT POLICY AND PRACTICE; Indicator 13 (we will cover this directly later this term)

Laws you should know something about:
PL 94-142 Education for All Handicapped Children (now called IDEA)
The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (note Congress dragging its heals on implementation, very tricky move Congress); this is where Section 504 comes from.
Perkins Act; implications for secondary and postsecondary vocational funding
ADA – how we evaluate jobs and what a reasonable accommodation is.


Here are some questions that I would like you to write about:
After reviewing this chapter what was your overall reaction to the trends in programming and legislation as you understand them?
For what reasons can we call the thinking about PWD, and the changes that have happened, a civil rights movement? Do you know of any evidence that this movement is still happening?
According to Kohler, why is interagency collaboration so important? How might you facilitate or encourage this if you worked at a high school and with SWD


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