Transportation system in London

Choose a region in the world ( 1 or more countries , 1 piece of land , one agglomeration … ) .

Make a sketch showing either : the entire transport system; 1 only mode .
NB Sketch = area , elements, flow.

what are the issues you highlight ?

A short guide to the image

1. The logical area – pole – Is flows respected?
2. A hierarchy she appears in this logic?
3. The colors are they beautiful? Balanced? In connection with a phenomenon?
4. The sketch is not it too much or not enough charge?
5. Does the formed, texts have the right size, neither too big nor too small?
6. The scale is it mentioned?
7. Sources of documents that were used to make the sketch are they mentioned?
8. Have you signed and dated the document, which indicates that you own it?
9. Is the complete legend?
10. Is it grouped into areas of interest that can announce the backbone of the review of the plan?
11. Pictograms they indicate particular points?
12. Is As The mat or he gives meaning to the document?
13. The sketch he puts a spatial differentiation highlight?
14. Sent-on possible scenarios for the evolution of the situation?


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