Instructions (please read carefully): Write a 1? to 2 page paper on a geosciences topic of interest to you and a on topic that is related to the material that we have covered in the textbook during approximately the last 4 weeks. Some suggested topics are listed below, but you are free to choose other relevant topics for your paper. Your paper must use 12 point, Times Roman font (or equivalent), be single spaced and utilize one inch margins (sides, bottom and top). With these formatting choices, the 1? to 2 page paper (main body of paper, text only) should have approximately 750 to 1000 words.
In addition, provide a references section at the bottom of your paper (or on a separate page) listing your book, journal or internet (complete URL) references, and use citations in your text to note quotations or specific information that you used from your references. In order for a source to be included in your reference list, it needs to be cited in the text of your paper. Also, be sure to use metric units (used almost universally in science) in your paper.
You can also add (optional) copies of a small number of figures, photos or tables to support or illustrate the topics or concepts that you describe in your text. Figures, photos and tables must include a caption and a citation showing the source.


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