Two elements of defining a "recognizable" hazard

Read WG Fairfield Case 285 F. 3d 499 and outline the case brief. In addition, answer at the end of the brief; “What are the two elements of defining a “recognizable” hazard?

2. Read National Realty and Construction Company Inc. Case 489 F. 2d 1257 and outline the case brief. In addition, answer at the end of the brief; “What must a company do to meet it’s obligation to the General Duty Clause”

There is an example case brief located in the Course Documents area entitled “Case Briefing

For this assignment, follow the format of the Example Case Brief. Make sure to include the case name because this is how you cite the brief. This assignment should be 1-2 pages of content in length. This assignment is worth 20 points.

Directions for Westlaw:

Refer to Course Documents for Westlaw website, or use the current directions at the bottom of the assignment.
Westlaw directory:

Go to EKU Libraries
Click on All databases
Click on Safety Security Emergency Management
Click on Westlaw
Type the citation, etc., into the search box.


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