Word Limit: 1000


Ultrasound has many artefacts associated with and used to obtain information during diagnostic Imaging. To perform and evaluate a diagnostic ultrasound it is imperative that an understanding of these artefacts is obtained.

As this is an introduction to ultrasound and instrumentation, for this portfolio please describe in a simplistic form the artefact and any useful diagnostic information obtained.


  1. Acoustic Shadowing


Note: Students are only required to answer one of the above three questions. They are also expected to include illustrations (diagrams, pictures, etc) and at least two up to date journal articles.

Definition, causes, evaluation

The lecturer is very stark. He will follow all the sources especially the journals please you have to be sure about all sources.


1- Demonstrates accurate content with excellent clarification interpretation and evaluation of the topic.

2- A clear and logical format with excellent cohesion of ideas. Excellent evidence of originality.

Excellent, relevant diagrams.

3- Excellent choice of relevant sources. Clear demonstration of topic enhancement.

4- Excellent


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