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The experience a student gains in his or her time within a learning institution has a great impact on the future success of that particular student. In education, all learning institutions organize these experiences in form of a curriculum for specialty purposes and planning delivery. Some university/course curriculum are designed to run for 2 years, other 3, while some up to 7 years. Curriculum incorporates student interaction with course instructional content, resources, study materials, and evaluation processes. The main objective here is to ensure that graduating students are well equipped with relevant knowledge and skills to perform excellently in their respective areas. The evaluation process involves such activities as homework, university assignments, writing assignments, practical exercises and experiments, report writing, and sitting exams among many others.

The big challenge

With the very wide scope of curriculum, not to forget extended and extra-curricular activities, learners are forced to give long hours each day to research assignments and writing tasks. In an effort to keep up with the pace of the world’s academic standards, competition has become fierce. The battle for top positions keeps imparting immense pressure and stress on students. The outcome is disturbing, learners suffering from sleepless nights, panic attacks, depression, and fatigue. This could deter a student’s potential and capability to excel. Or worse, it could give rise to health problems. I am told that actually, some students give up and quit on their academic ambitions –what a bad thing!

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