University of Prince Edward Island International student's Tuition


Name:       Yuwei Zhang, Hang Yang

University: UPEI

Course:       ENG 381

Date:           2015/10/9

























The University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) Senate asked us to plan an investigation about the international student’s tuition, and determine international students’ perceptions towards yearly tuition increment, evaluate both sides as to why those students should or should not be charged expensively, as well as ts impact on education and submit our findings.

Currently, tuition is too expensive for the international students than local students in the University of Prince Edward Island. We understand that international fee become a big income resource for UPEI. However, the international students particularly face a big discrepancy in terms of the tuition they have to pay in relation to local students. This creates division among the international and local students who get precisely the same professors, same modules, and same learning hours. Moreover, charging high tuition for foreign students makes the institution to lose global competitiveness.

We propose to research on tuition in the University of Prince Edward Island paid by both national and the international students and present the findings to the ministry of education. To carry out these tasks, we will conduct primary research. Questionnaires would be distributed to the UPEI management, staff, local and international students and also interview the university president and vice-chancellor, Dr. Alaa Abd-El-Aziz.




On October 2015, UPEI asked us to study the international students’ tuition and make appropriate recommendations. We planned to determine reasons why such students have to pay too much compared to home students, students’ perceptions toward that discrepancy and its impacts on students and the institution as a whole.

International students in UPE face a big discrepancy in terms of the tuition they have to pay in relation to local students (Douglas-Gabriel, 2015). This creates division among the international and home students who get precisely the same tutor, same modules, and same learning hours (Everett & Peterson, 2009). By charging too much tuition for foreign students, UPE stands to lose foreign students making the institution to lose global competitiveness (Kallunki, 2014).


Proposed Tasks


Following the UPEI’s approval, we would conduct the following four tasks to aid in deciding whether foreign students should continue paying too much tuition or not.

Task 1: Gain an understanding of why international students are paying higher tuition

We have already kicked off our research by interviewing the President and Vice-chancellor, Dr. Alaa Abd-El-Aziz, who illuminated the cost of education for foreign students. According to Dr. Abd-El-Aziz, the institution charges high tuition fees to ensure that the costs of these learners would be fully covered and reducing the cost to the institution of providing foreign students with education (Cooke, 2006). According to Dr Abd-El-Aziz, UPE has some of the renowned programs in the world that the institution could take advantage of financially to raise the revenue for the institution. We also discovered that the university has the power to set its own prices for programs provided.

The vice president argued that charging high tuition for foreign students has enhanced the quality of teaching, as well as made UPEI more competitive in the global market. The government does not fund tuition in higher education (Devea, 2008).


Task 2: Determine the student’s perceptions toward foreign students’ tuition expensive tuition and the yearly increase of tuition

We have already received responses of the questionnaires we distributed to students seeking their views and perceptions about the tuition foreign students have to pay, along with the yearly tuition increments. Majority of the respondents said they would like tuition to be inexpensive but not so cheap. They argued that high tuition charged on foreign students amounts to international social injustices by denying students from least developed countries the opportunity to participate in higher learning (Rodriquez & Nordic Council of Ministers, 2013). Making education expensive for foreign students would likely result in a considerable reduction in the number of foreign students. Foreign students argued that it is unfair to be charged too much money and yet be provided with the same rights as home students.


Task 3: Comparing tuition Fee between local and foreign students

Next week would send an email to the college’s department of finance, requesting for tuition fee structure for both local and foreign students. Students would also be provided with questionnaires to fill in their education costs. Then we would like to create a graph to show the gap between the local and international student’s tuition.


Task 4: Analyze the data and prepare a recommendation

We would craft our report according to the data, including the analysis and recommendations. We would analysis the reasons why international fee is expensively and how to adjust it reasonably. After that, we would hand over to the Senate perusal and implementation.















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