Video Questions about History of Sexuality

   Outside Video Assignment





3.1.1.   Instructions for Required Outside Video



  • Create questions: Come up with a list of 4 original multiple choice questions—with the correct answer marked—and 2 true/false questions—


The questions should not be overly picky, but something that a careful viewer would notice.

The video questions will be graded on accuracy, quality and range of coverage. (Choose your various questions to show that you have seen the whole film.) They are each worth 3 points of your final grade. The first submission will be graded as soon as possible for you to get feedback on whether you are on track. The standard grade is 9 out of 10 Above that only if the submission is quite exceptional. Below that and you should check the comments for why. The remaining 3 outside videos will typically be graded at the end of the semester.



An example of each type (relating to the movie Evolution, Why Sex?):


  1. Which experiment indicates that women pick a mate for his immune system: (a) The Male Ornamentation Experiment

(b) The T shirt Experiment

(c) The Shoe Size Experiment (d) The Red Queen Experiment (e) Both (a) & (d)

  1. T/F It is hypothesized that Bonobos and Chimpanzees diverged, one becoming more sexualized than the other, after a change in feeding patterns. [T]



  • be sure to put the title of the film at the top of the paper and on the subject line. Be sure your name is on the paper itself.





3.1.2. List of Videos ( to pick from for Required Outside Videos)


You do not need to see the videos in any particular order.


You must see the following video:



  1. Margaret Sanger [Media Center DVD 4193]

Try to see this early. If you leave it until the last three weeks, it will cause jams of people trying to see it. Available at Media Center only. (Do not use any other version, e.g., not from PBS American Experience series.)



And at least one of these two:

  1. The History Channel: Sex in the 20th Century: Part 1—The Century Turns On [in

Media Center. Not on Netflix. Not for sale at]


  1. The History Channel: Sex in the 20th Century: Part 2—Passion’s Coming of Age [in Media Center. Not on Netflix. Not for sale at This film and the last one relate to material in week 12 and after. We will see Part 3 in class.]


If you still have one left to see, choose one of these:

  1. God Loves Uganda – [American Christian Right-wingers instigate Anti-Gay Hate in Africa. iTunes and Netflix.]6. Nova: Sex Unknown [Media Center VTC-1780] (to be closed captioned soon.)


  1. Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin [Online at

/video/brother-outsider-the-life-of-bayard-rustin/1600849/playlist.jhtml. Media Center DVD-1967, (2003) 83 min. About the gay African American who taught Martin Luther King Jr. and Ghandi nonviolence, and organized the 1963 Civil Rights March on Washington.]


  1. Nova: 18 Ways to Have a Baby [Media Center VTC-1833] (to be closed captioned soon.)


  1. Kinsey [2004 w/ Liam Neeson and not American Experience version. Available in the Media Center and on Netflix.]]p(1)

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