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  1. Use Tellme 408-752-8052 (call this number) to
  • get driving directions between two bastions of higher education: Caltech (1201 East California Boulevard, Pasadena, CA) and Pasadena City College (1570 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA)
  • find the latest price for a share of stock in Oracle Corporation
  • listen to your horoscope
  • listen to today’s top news stories

Experiment with the Tellme system as much as possible. May be you can try to use the system from a quite location and then try to use it from a noisy location. Also try to speak with different accent and see if that makes any difference in the way the system respond to your voice. Write a brief report about your experience. In the report include a brief analysis of its performance and user friendliness. (100 words)


  1. Assume that you have given the task of creating a web site for publishing cooking recipes. How will you make your web site accessible to mobile users? Note that mobile user is a user who is using hand held device like smartphone to access your web site. (100 words)


  1. Again, assume that you have given the task of creating a web site for publishing cooking recipes. Based on your experience with using the Tellme system, come up with a list of three services that can be provided by your web site that will be valuable to telephone users using voice communication. You may find the following guidelines useful: (80 words)


  • It is difficult for users to log on. With voice applications, entering a username is even more tedious and error-prone. You may want to restrict your voice services to ones that can be accessed by the entire community and not just registered users. An alternative to the standard username/password authentication is to assign a numeric user_id and pin to each registered user, but that makes it more cumbersome to do Web/mobile/phone services all in one.
  • It is easy to give information to the user, but it is hard for them to give information back to your service. It is typically practical for them to pick options from a menu, but impractical for them to provide any meaningful unstructured data.p(1)

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