Week 1 Assignment

To complete the homework assignments in the templates provided:

1. The question is provided for each problem. You may need to refer to your textbook for additional information in a few cases.

2. You will enter the required information into the shaded cells.

3. The cells are coded:

a) T requires a text answer. Essay questions require references; use the textbook. 

b) C requires a calculation, using Excel formulas or functions. You cannot perform the operation on a calculator and then type the answer in the cell. You will enter the calculation in the cell, and only the final answer will show in the cell. I will be able to review your calculation and correct, if necessary.

c) F requires a number only. In some problems, a “Step 1” is added to help you solve the problem.

d) Formula requires a written formula, not the numbers. For example, the rate of return = [(1 + nominal)/ (1+inflation)]-1, or D (debt) + E (equity) = V (value).


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