What characterizes the doctor-patient encounter, according to Freidson?

part 1

Based on the readings (Freidson & Stevens), address the following questions in your posts:

(1) What characterizes the doctor-patient encounter, according to Freidson?

(2) What characterizes the development of medical practices, according to Stevens?

(3) Stevens says, “Outside of the hospital, consumers still flock to specialists.” Why? And how do you think the proliferation of medical specialties has affected visits to the doctor?

(4) There is a geography to medical specialization, with most of them clustered in urban areas, and with specialties clustered in certain regions of the country. Is there a role for government in managing what kind of care options (i.e., medical specialties) are available to consumers, or is the status quo working for us?


part 2

shoose one of the article attached and do the essay


Required Readings: Freidson, Eliot, “Dilemmas in the Doctor-Patient Relationship,” in Kornblum & Smith, eds., The Healing Experience ©1994 [Bb]; Stevens, Rosemary, “Medical Specialization as American Health Policy,” in History & Health Policy in the U.S., Stevens et al. ©2006 [Bb]

Discussion Board Question: Drawing on the required readings, post a brief essay identifying and describing some of the customs that define how medical professionals operate every day (i.e., interactions with patients, other professionals, and medical suppliers and industries).


note; part one is seperat than part 2 but poth of them from the same articls

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