what impact did the slave trade have on the black experience in this period?

Drawing on assigned readings, explain the historical context and factors that shaped the emergence of Africana Studies as an academic discipline—how and why was education critical to the struggle for inclusion and racial transformation?
In the first half of this course, we have considered the African diaspora from 1400 until the 1800s. Drawing on the assigned readings, what impact did the slave trade have on the black experience in this period?
Whichever prompt you choose, you must address the assigned readings from the first part of the semester. You do not have to consider all of the readings for the whole first half of the semester, but you should use as many as possible to support your argument.

Word Count: 500 words, minimum

This essay is worth 60% of your Midterm Exam grade (the other 40% comes from the in-class, short-answer portion).

If you do not include the word count, you will lose 5 points out of 60 points. If you do not meet the word requirement, or do not address the correct topic/readings, you will receive 0 points. Otherwise, the essay will be graded based on the student’s demonstrated knowledge of the subject, use of readings, clarity of focus and organization. Students are expected to write a well-developed essay with a complete introduction, clearly identified thesis, body paragraphs that develop the thesis, and conclusion.


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