What Is Managed Care And How Did It Come To Exist?

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Each response must be at least 75 words in length not including the question.

1 – What is managed care and how did it come to exist? How do you feel about managed care? Provide evidence supporting your opinion.

2 – Consider the distinction between social stress and social drift. Identify a mental illness, and discuss whether it is caused by a social stress or a social drift. Defend your response with supporting facts and references in APA format.

3 – Behavior leads to the label of mental illness when it violates cognitive norms, performance norms, and feeling norms. Identify the existence of each of these norms within the case study, and discuss what causes it to be distinguished as such. (See attachment).

4 – Debbie’s father recently passed away, and she had to take off work for the funeral. Debbie has always been a very outgoing person, easily made friends with others, and was very meticulous about meeting every deadline at work. Now that she has returned to work, she seems like a different person. She is very quiet, has totally withdrawn from everyone, and has missed two very important deadlines. Describe how Debbie, the people around her, and her physician may characterize this behavior, and what is causing it.

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