What is meant by New World Order and what are the conspiracies that underpin this?

the topic of this case study is ‘What is meant by New World Order and what are the conspiracies that underpin this?’ i will upload the case study asap, i need you to make it better by working on the results section. i would like you to add webshots of newspapers, video, online chat forums and any other media outlet.

the three objectives of this case study is as follows:
what is the nwo?
what is meant by the nwo?
what conspiracy theories underpin the nwo theory?

the case study must follow and answer those objectives.

The Case study requires you to investigate in detail instances of particular phenomena that occur in various forms of communication media , this can include television news reports, newspaper and magazine articles and virtual worlds (i.e. on line forums, chat rooms and message boards). The purpose of this case study is in order to describe phenomena that occur in the ‘real’ and virtual worlds as accessed through various forms of media and link them to social theories taken from elsewhere in the degree programme. You will need to identify the area of investigation, the sites and sources that you will use and the relevant theoretical perspectives that you will employ. Your main body will consist of collected evidence and discussion of these links to relevant areas of social theory following which you will draw conclusions.


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