What is the term “third world”

What is the term “third world”

1. What is the term “third world”
used to describe? 10 points
a) The Middle Ages
b) Developing countries
c) Communist countries
2. In what Old Testament book
is a very tall building
described? 10 points
a) Genesis
b) Exodus
c) Leviticus
d) Numbers
3. How many books are in the
Old Testament? 10 points
a) 33
b) 10
c) 25
d) 39
4. The city of Ur has been
uncovered by archaeologists.
Which Biblical character left
Ur to settle in Canaan?
10 points
a) Joshua
b) Abraham
c) Samson
d) Moses
5. What is the staple food for
more than half the world
population? 10 points
a) corn
b) rice
c) potatoes
6. What year did astronauts first
land on the moon? 10 points
a) 1959
b) 1969
c) 1972
7. The walls of Jericho were
found fallen outward. Where
in the Bible is this event
recorded? 20 points
a) Revelation 6
b) Malachi 6
c) Joshua 6
d) 2 Kings 6
8. What is the most famous feature
of Easter Island?
20 points
a) Volcanoes
b) Giant stone statues
c) Flightless birds
9. An ancient furnace was
found with the inscription
“Those refusing to worship
Babylonian Gods will be
burned alive”! Where is this
recorded in the Bible?
20 points
a) Daniel 3
b) Isaiah 3
c) 2 Kings 3
d) 2 Chronicles 3
10. Bricks of straw were found in
Egypt, proving that people
used such building materials
in the past. Where in the Bible
does it talk about the
Israelites making bricks with
straw? 20 points
a) Matthew 5
b) Daniel 5
c) Exodus 5
d) Psalm 5
11. According to legend, where
did a Minotaur live? 20 points
a) Mount Olympus
b) Constantinople
c) Crete
12. Archaeologists discovered a
tunnel in Jerusalem built in
the time of Hezekiah, one of
the kings of Judah. It was
used to transport water into
the city. 20 points
a) True
b) False
13. What happened to the Roman
town of Pompeii, Italy in
AD 79? 20 points
a) The Olympic Games
b) The Emperor paid a visit.
c) It was buried by volcanic
14. Tablets found in Jerusalem
mention which King of
Judah? 20 points
a) Jehoiachin
b) Josiah
c) Hezekiah
15. For what purpose were leeches
once used? 20 points
a) As dishes at a Roman
b) As a way to bleed patients
c) As emblems of royal
16. Who was defeated at the battle
of Waterloo? 30 points
a) Genghis Khan
b) Duke of Wellington
c) Napoleon Bonaparte
17. Where do bananas come from
originally? 30 points
a) South America
b) Africa
c) Indonesia
18. Archaeologists have proven
Beltezshazzar’s existence.
Who was he? 30 points
a) Priest
b) Prophet
c) Singer
d) King
19. How did Aztec priests sacrifice
their victims? 30 points
a) By throwing them to the
b) By burning them at the
c) By ripping out their hearts
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Lesson 3 ArchAeology and the O.t.
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Beach Ball Bible Bowl Questions
11-3-18 Evidences II © 1999 by Discipleship Publications International • Permission to Photocopy Granted Summer 1
Lesson 3 ArchAeology and the O.t.
20. A furnace was found with the
inscription “Those Refusing to
Worship Babylonian Gods
Will Be Burned Alive!”
Where is this threat described
in the Bible? 30 points
a) Exodus 9
b) 2 Chronicles 9
c) Daniel 3
d) Acts 9
21. After the flood, what type of
bird did Noah first send out
from the ark? 40 points
a) Crow
b) Raven
c) Dove
d) Eagle
22. How many men did Esau
bring with him when he came
to meet Jacob? 40 points
a) 100
b) 200
c) 400
d) 500
23. In the Middle Ages, what did
many people use to pay their
rent? 40 points
a) peppercorns
b) gold dust
c) sugar cubes
24. How many children did Jacob
have? 40 points
a) 9
b) 11
c) 13
d) 15
25. In what year was “apartheid”
introduced in South Africa?
40 points
a) 1910
b) 1949
c) 1975
26. Who unified his country
under the slogan “Blood and
Army”? 40 points
a) Eamon D. Valera
b) Benito Mussolini
c) Otto von Bismarck
27. How old was Sarah (wife of
Abraham) when she died?
40 points
a) 40
b) 80
c) 127
d) 60
28. What title did the Greeks give
Hippocrates? 40 points
a) Father of Medicine
b) Father of Philosophy
c) The Great Teacher
29. When the seventh seal
was opened in the book of
Revelation, there was silence
for: 50 points
a) a minute
b) a half hour
c) an hour
d) a year
30. How many times is the word
“the” used in the Bible?
50 points
a) over 9,000
b) over 11,000
c) over 14,000
d) over 20,000
31. Which city is the capitol of
India? 50 points
a) Calcutta
b) New Delhi
c) Bombay
32. What were the names of
Nahor’s two oldest sons?
50 points
a) Uz and Buz
b) Huz and Muz
c) Buz and Muz
d) Fuz and Suz
33. In what year was Israel established
as a state? 50 points
a) 1810
b) 1948
c) 1650
Supplement/Getting into God’s Word/1 copy for the teacher
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