What makes superior customer service in your industry What makes superior customer service in your industry

This paper is worth 100 points and serves as the final requirement for this class. Please keep your paper between 5 – 8 pages in length, double spaced, and use no bigger than 12 point font. 
The subject of this paper is “What makes superior customer service in your industry.” You may choose the industry you currently work in, an industry you past worked in, or an industry would like to begin working in. You will be graded on the following parts of your paper: 
Part 1 (25 Pts): Stay on subject: Please remember that the subject of your paper is “What makes superior customer service in your industry”, if you have worked in the industry, give examples and experiences to support your points. If you have not, make accurate observations. This is NOT a work of fiction, remember to be specific. 
Important items to cover are what your company’s and your products are, who your customers are, and how your workplace looks and feels. Examples using the brand names of your major lines of products are very good to see. 
Part 2 (25 pts): Overall flow of your paper: You are graded on your ability to present your ideas clearly. First and foremost, you should have no grammar or spelling errors. Write in complete sentences and paragraphs. Please, do not use bulleted lists of items unless they are explained in the following paragraphs. 
You must list your sources for the paper. If you choose to use the APA style of citing your sources, there is extra credit awarded. (You can check with the Learning Resource Center or Google and Wikipedia for using APA citations.) 
Part 3 (25 pts): Use specific examples: First, be sure to cover the individual actions a member of the organization takes to serve the customer. Examples are always good and short discussions of the success or failure of policies and actions are excellent. 
Superior customer service starts with ‘regular’ service and builds on that. Approaches using the examples of core, expected and bonus value of a transaction or action work very well. Comparing your organization with other competitors in the same industry will also help. Also, examples of what you do that has made customers happy in the past can establish your superior customer service. 
Part 4 (25 pts): Apply class concepts: OK this is the easy stuff. Where it is applicable to your personal paper and situation, use the points in the MOR modules at will. (My Online Resources atHttp://mor.nationalseminarstraining.com) 
Why do customer service? (mod 1) What do customers want? (mod 2) Eight essential skills! (mods 3 & 4) Handling angry people! (mod 5) 
A quick note: Be sure to list sources for your paper. A completely acceptable listing for web source could look like this: HTTP://mor.nationalseminarstraining.com; Through the Customers Eyes; module xxx. retrieved (date)


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