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Course Learning Outcomes
Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:
Course Learning Outcome
Assessment Method

INTEGRATIVE COMMUNICATION: Develop and express ideas orally and in writing using English to increase knowledge, foster understanding or promote change.
Student advising, class discussion and/or written assignments

CRITICAL THINKING: Develop a habit of mind characterized by comprehensive exploration of issues, ideas, artifacts and events before accepting or formulating an opinion or conclusion.
Student advising, class discussion and/or written assignments
INTEGRATIVE LEARNING: Develop understanding and disposition that reflects making connections among ideas and experiences with synthesis and transference to new complex situations.
Student advising, class discussion and/or written assignments
INTERDISCIPLINARY PROBLEM-SOLVING: Design, evaluate and implement a strategy to answer an open-ended question or achieve a desired goal.

Student advising, class discussion and/or written assignments
ETHICAL REASONING: Judge right and wrong human conduct on the basis of personal values, social contexts and applicable professional standards professional concentrations
Student advising, class discussion and/or written assignments

There are 4 graded deliverables in this course:
– Participation & Professionalism
This deliverable relates to your ability to participate in a timely manner in the class, demonstrate a professional working relationship with your project mentor, and otherwise conduct yourself professionally in respect to how you, report progress, handle challenges, respond to requests for information, present yourself, etc.
– Capstone Project
This deliverable represents the bulk of your effort in this course. Each student’s capstone project is unique to his/her academic and professional goals and should conform to the specifics deliverables and scope outlined in your individual project proposals. In there totality, the deliverables that you outlined in your Capstone Project Proposal represent this deliverable. NOTE. The project can be submitted as one unified document or as a series of complimentary documents, depending on the nature of how you designed your project BUT the specific deliverables of your project must be submitted in order to pass the course. I am stressing this point because often students misunderstand the course requirements and assume that they are only required to submit a final report and final presentation.
– Capstone Project Report
This deliverable centers on your ability to satisfactorily report on the value of your graduate studies in respect to your professional and academic goals, how your studies informed your choice of capstone project and prepared you to succeed in completing it, how you will make use of these experiences in the next phase of your professional and personal life, as well as how the process of conducting your project went generally. I will distribute the directions and a grading rubric for this assignment to the class at the beginning of the term.

n this course you will be evaluated on the basis of your individual work and overall level of class participation. 40% of your course grade will be determined by the instructor, the remaining 60% of your grade will be determined by your capstone project mentor AND instructor using an evaluation rubric that I will provide to him/her. See the table of deliverables below for further details.

The overall quality of the work is an important consideration in your evaluation. I expect, as does your mentor, your work to demonstrate graduate-school-level effort and attention to detail. The following will be considered when grading written assignments and presentation: organization, quality of writing (mechanics and grammar), clarity, depth of content, and reasonableness of recommendations. Appropriate level reasoning and synthesis skills, as well as writing skills must be demonstrated.p(20)

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