Women and Judaism, Blu Greenberg 2. American and I, Joyce Antler

Women and Judaism, Blu Greenberg 2. American and I, Joyce Antler

Subject: Religion and Theology
Required Book
1. America and I by Joyce Antler: USE ONLY Antin, Ferber, Yezierska, Sinclair, Olsen, Goldreich, Greenberg, Ozick, Goodman, Goldstein, Paley, Schaeffer, and Newman

2. On Women and Judaism, by Blu Greenberg

Choose two or three of the stories from Joyce Antler’s "America and I," and compare and contrast how they draw from or respond to a particular Jewish tradition. Use Greenberg’s On Women and Judaism to identity and define the "tradition" that you find present in the short stories you choose. Then, compare and contrast how these two or three short fictional pieces embody or respond to this particular Jewish tradition.

Since the question is broad, you will need to focus it according to the texts you choose to discuss. Keep in mind that the paper is not to summarize the stories you choose, but to give your thoughtful analysis of them. (Do not use secondary sources other than the book)

You will need to make a precise and original main point (a thesis) that you then proceed to develop through analysis of the text(s) .


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