Women’s empowerment, new religious ideals, and sourcing cheap

Final Essay
Respond to the following:
Throughout the semester, women’s empowerment, new religious ideals, and sourcing cheap
labor were three major themes that contributed to U.S. growth up to the Civil War. Which one of
the three do you believe had a greatest impact on American growth during this time period? Use
examples from the Workbook readings (Workbook Documents 1-80) to explain why you believe
in this classification.
Approach this as a formal writing assignment. The essay must be well-organized and the
argument must be clearly expressed. Please supply supporting evidence—YOU MUST USE THE
WORKBOOK READINGS—and relevant citations—MLA format must be used, and a Works Cited
page must be included.
Formatting: All essays must be about 750-1000 words—between 3-4 pages, using a standard
collegiate font (Arial or Times New Roman), margins (1” all around) and spacing (double).
Due date: Tuesday, 1 December 2015 before 11:59 pm. Turn this in using the link on Moodle
that will be available on Sunday, 29 November 2015. Turn in using Moodle—submission of
the essay in any other way will incur a 5 point deduction.


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