write rebuttal argument

please read below and write rebuttal argument

Before writing a business plan research is the main thing that must be done. One should understand the company, its market, and basic needs and legalities to start. Knowing and having an idea is great but putting some sustenance behind an idea is key. Knowing and completely understanding how an idea fits into the market so you can research and put it on paper.

Developing a business plan is a key part of any business. a business plan is “A working blueprint outlining finances and direction for a new start-up or expansion.” (Hiduke & Ryan, 2013, pg.2). This in terms is the complete process of running your business on paperwork. While there are many reasons to writes a business plan two main points would be to find investors and to know what to expect when starting. From experience an investor typically won’t even go further than talking unless you are able to present a business plan. Which makes complete sense. When a business plan is presented it shows that one has done their research as well as understands the necessary steps to start up. If not looking for an investor a business plan will help a company startup by doing all the background research and helping the company know the operations, target markets, budgets, etc. before the company even breaks ground.

Financial data is the main thing that investors will look for in a business plan. Investors mainly are concern with the success of the business and the way they will be paid back. Spreadsheets, market trend analysis, revenue models, and etc. are things they can look and see how other like businesses have created success as well as what potential money there is to be made in the business. Doing the research and breaking these things down will help an investor understand how you plan to conquer the market and gives them an idea of what to expect.


Hiduke, G. P., & Ryan, J. D. (2013). Small business: An entrepreneur’s business plan (9th ed.). United States: South-Western College Publishing

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