Writer's choice – 4Ps Price (Implementation & Evaluation for Eu Yan Sang’s Bak Foong Pills)

Marketing (4Ps) – Price

Products: Eu Yan Sang’s Bak Foong Pills
Price: (SG $49.40)

Price recommended in South Korea: (40,737.40 KWR)

Objectives for this assignment

To set price for my product (Bak Fong Pills) and to implement and evaluate the price strategy in entering South Korea Market.

Implementation & Evaluation

A Chart Summarizing this is required, I have attached (excel file” Sam_1″) in the file upload for your input.

Kindly key in your report in the excel file provided and send it back to me thanks.

I have also attached my existing assignment (Price_GM) for your reference. Thanks


You have to implement 2 strategies on how to target the price into the South Korean market and also to identify a time frame for each proposed strategy in 12 months.


For the Evaluation is similar the excel file is required to edit in. You have to list each proposed marking mix strategy in the chart and examine in the followings ways:

• How will the proposed strategy be measures for its success?
• When wills the proposed strategy by evaluated?
• Who (what parties) will evaluate the proposed strategy?


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