Your spreadsheet must perform every calculation.


You are the new office manager at Johnson Landscaping Contractors. Laura, the previous office manager, quit in the middle of figuring out what kind of coffee maker to buy the office. Before she left, she collected some information and started to put together a spreadsheet to help make the decision. Now it’s your job to figure it out!


In order to complete Laura’s spreadsheet, you will need information from the brochures she collected as well as emails she received from all the employees explaining their preference of coffee maker and other important information.

Your boss tells you that many of the employees want a new single-cup coffee maker, but she is worried that it is too expensive. To offset the higher cost, some of the employees who want that option have offered to partially pay for the “C-Cart” coffee cartridges that the machine uses. Your boss would like to set the price per cartridge as the average amount that all the coffee drinkers would be willing to pay.

Your spreadsheet must perform every calculation. Do not perform calculations yourself (on paper, with a calculator, etc.). Make sure you use the following formulas and functions in your spreadsheet:

SUM or addition
PRODUCT or multiplication
QUOTIENT or division
Note that the C-Cart coffee maker uses one cartridge for each cup of coffee.

After you have finished the spreadsheet, answer the two questions at the bottom:

Why is it useful to use formulas in this situation?
Which formula did you find hardest to use and why? Which was most useful and why?


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